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Serving the Twin Ports and the surrounding areas since 1980

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Screen Graphics Uniform Connection is ready to help get your team orders online. You pick the apparel and designs, choose an ordering period, and set the prices. We'll handle the rest! We'll deliver the finished product pre-sorted and bagged for you. These online stores are up for a short period of time.

Temporary stores

Take Your Orders Online

In Just the Past Three Months...

  • We've built over 25 custom online stores

  • Sold over $25,000 worth of spirit wear

  • Raised over $6,000 for local teams, schools, and organizations

Common clients

  • Teams

  • Churches

  • Non-profits

  • Businesses

We handle it all

We will create apparel and promotional items for you, as well as develop your online store. When orders are submitted, we will produce and fulfill each product to deliver to the purchaser. Our customer service is unsurpassed. Contact us to set up a temporary online store for your cause!

See this online store for an example of what your temporary online store could look like.

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